Schlock du Jour: Daikanyama Wonderland Horror (1986)


Is this movie secretly an adaptation of a Haruki Murakami novella? It almost could be, except for the fact that the protagonists never sit around quietly, listening to light jazz or cooking spaghetti while their cat goes missing. Have I lost you?

“What’s he talking about?” “I don’t know, but it’s probably racist.”

DAIKANYAMA WONDERLAND HORROR takes place in Tokyo, in a little hipster disctrict near Shibuya called Daikanyama (go fig). By day it’s where attractive people go to shop and be seen, but apparently by night it’s a different story entirely.

*screeching guitar solo*

Three girls are chosen to train to be “idole”, or Japanese pop stars. They are told to meet at night in Daikanyama for training maybe? I’m not sure, there were no subtitles. But what they find there is anything but peace signs and cutesy rabbit hand poses, because Daikanyama at night becomes the setting of an otherworldly cellarscape where creeps, ghouls, zombies, clowns, thrash bands, and leucistic satyrs dwell.

Tourists welcome in beautiful Daikanyama.
“What in the name of all that is waifu?”

Each of the three fledgling pop stars are hunted individually by a multitude of uncouth characters, including a couple “idole” in their own right—this pair of wild and crazy guys:

Friday the 13th: Tokyo Nightmare

It’s a shot-on-video wonderland of Japanese weirdness, and it’s 45 minutes long, otaku-san! Seek this baby out if you enjoy J-Horror weirdness like HAUSU. Or, if you’re like me and think weird is weird and weird is good, give it a go as well. As of this writing, there may or may not be some copies available at Toxic Filth Video 


Stay Slimearu!



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