The Scum Gutter: Sikkfukks (2018)

The Scum Gutter is brought to you in part by sickos like you. Today’s review: SIKKFUKKS.


SIKKFUKKS isn’t your typical torture porn snuff-inspired German gore flick. Sure it showcases the ripping apart of brain meat like an apprentice butcher pulling pork. And sure it has the graphic disembowling of less-than-fortunate women. But SIKKFUKKS has something your dad’s German gore collection doesn’t. Nazi landlords from space.


I guess you need money when you’re trying to return to planet Black Sun. And there’s apparently a lot of money in the underground snuff scene.

“Should we maybe try selling schnitzel first?”

Just a tip from me to you, when your landlord seems a bit off, just ignore it. Don’t go looking for answers because you may find something you don’t like. Something that may turn your stomach. And you may just fall victim to that stomach-churning something.

To bleed, or not to bleed…

What the crew at Nut Wombat Productions did with SIKKFUKKS is to be commended. They realize the value of adding an interesting story to the mix. While some viewers get off on just watching an hour and a half of cheap SFX while someone cuts up a body, I prefer my movies to have a little more meat to them.


Meaty innards

See for yourself by swooping up a copy from Toxic Filth Video today and support (s)independent cinema.




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