Schlock du Jour: Strip Nude for your Killer (1975)

Blue tinted intro, English version

Arrow Video

Giallo films and I don’t have the best relationship. To be candid, the genre makes me sleepy. But at the time of this writing, my home state of Nebraska is largely under water. The massive flooding saw 75 cities and 65 counties make emergency declarations, and 29 counties evacuated. It is being called the worst natural disaster in the state’s history. In all the tragedy in turmoil, I turned to the one constant in my life, and that’s movies. However, I turned to a dark place by accident in the confounding pseudo-giallo KOLOBOS, and after that tumultuous experience, I was more than ready to take on the real thing again.


Andrea Bianchi previously won my heart by directing the batpoo crazy BURIAL GROUND, which featured shabby zombies and a diminutive man that wanted to shag his mum. It is a prodigious exercise in trash cinema perfection I would categorize as a trashterpiece. But, with a little finesse and a little Fenech, Bianchi proved to me that a good sleazy giallo is also very much a thing to behold.

It’s a good special feature, trust.

Ten years before my favorite black leather-clad motorcycle helmet-wearing killer terrorized men with compressed air in THE NAIL GUN MASSACRE, we had a killer in the same getup offing models and fashion agency execs in STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER.

More importantly than having one of the best titles in cinema history, SNFYK has Edwige Fenech AKA The goddess of giallo. Fenech completely captivates anytime she is on screen, instantly elevating any movie she is in. The inclusion of Fenech alone guarantees your movie will be supremely watchable. This is no exception with SNFYK.

It’s an all around trashy, sleazy affair, one of the sleaziest of the era, in fact, yet the pixie-cut Fenech holds your hand through it, letting you know everything will be okay, even if the film does end in an ass rape joke.

Harder, daddy

Ultimately, this is a fantastic release from the folks at Arrow Video, and a must-own for any giallo fans out there. The print is tremendous, the features are lovely, it has reversible cover art, you just can’t go wrong. If you or anyone you know is impacted by a natural disaster, sure you could give money towards relief efforts, or you could give the gift of a titty-filled distraction called STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER.


Stay slime, and be rad at all times!


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