Schlock du Jour: Attack of the Cockface Killer (2002)

Masquerading under the new marketing name of GOREFACE KILLER is the first feature in a trilogy about the phallus mandible fiend. Yeah, they made three.

Ethan Hawke and Amy Poehler watching “The Stink of Death”

The Movie opens with unsimulated sex. Yes, actors actually playing hide the salami on video (there’s a lot of that in this movie). It doesn’t take long for the Cockface Killer to burst onto the scene and beat the boners out of the porking couple with a giant dildo.

Who is the Cockface Killer?


The Cockface Killer is a man in a paper mask with a dildo dangling from his chin that he uses in odiously expected ways. He wears a black helmet and black clothing, together with his black, assless pants. He looks like a rejected Slipknot member, and may be mentally disabled. He shows up wherever sex is happening to bludgeon and violate people to death. This means he crashes a lot of parties.

If you haven’t caught on yet, ATTACK OF THE COCKFACE KILLER is immensely offensive by design, not shying away from anything taboo if it will bring in a laugh or a dry-heave. Often it’s a mixture of both.


ATTACK OF THE COCKFACE KILLER is so much more than just CAN’T HARDLY WAIT with graphic sex and murder. It’s punk rock through and through. Totally DIY with a thousand ideas and no rules, all colliding in a heaping trash-fart over a butt-core soundtrack. There’s rednecks vs freaks, conversations about He-Man, a film within the film called “The Stink of Death”, penis mutilation, tattoo shop loitering, death by garden hoe, nipple piercing, and cat farts.

“Channel 666 News here! What do you make of this fuckin shit?”

The movie doesn’t know how to end, and gets very confused in its last ten or so minutes in a way that feels like they may have accidentally recorded over an old movie they attempted to make that continued to play out after COCKFACE wrapped up. But, I can’t even fault it for that, as the journey was so enjoyable.

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(ATTACK OF THE COCKFACE KILLER would have a perfect rating if not for my moral misgivings)

And if you liked this review, check out my review from two years ago of the sequel, GOREGASM! GOREGASM ups the gross out factor and goes even more high concept. No less than 3 characters have lisps.




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