The Merits of Sin: Violador Infernal aka The Infernal Rapist (1988) (Mexico)

We’ve all been there, you wake up in a panic at six in the morning with only a foggy recollection of what went down the night before. When you reach over to your trusty nightstand, the sick realization hits that you are not in the womb like comfort of your own bedroom. Gazing at the empty air where your nightstand should be the pangs of dread begin to hit. Heart rate quickening, you nervously wipe away the sweat that’s forming on your upper lip. The butthole tightening horror grows when you see the back of your hand is now a Pollocking nightmare of dried blood and cocaine. “Oh god” is all you get out before you turnover and discover the long cold body of a prostitute staring directly in your face. You scream as you fall off the bed, your face sharing the same look of surprise as the hooker who lays in the cheap hotel room bed. Panic mode sets in; do you flee, attempt to piece together last night or do you call someone you know who is hopefully loyal enough to you to help you out of this horrific situation. That’s up to you future Mr. President, but if you can look back fondly on that one crazy night that ended with sex and murder then boy howdy do I have a film for you! The cinematic equivalent of cocaine fueled debauchery is shockingly from Mexico…I would have never seen that coming!

aaaaaand scene!

Carlos, better known as El Gato, is about to pay for his crimes. I assume they are many but the Spanish I know equals the amount of subtitles this film has so you should probably get used to the fact that I’ll be assuming a whole bunch about this film. Anyways, Carlos is successfully executed via the electric chair and as his body is left to smoke for a bit a middle aged woman dressed like a well payed drag queen materializes in the room along with two other equally fashionable ladies. Turns out she’s Satan and she has some plans for good old creepy Carlos.

Satana fabuloso

She shoots some eye lasers into Carlos’ noggin and brings him back to life. They make a deal which allows Carlos to continue his homicidal rape tour of Mexico and brings a bunch of sacrifices to the gaudy ass Queen of Darkness. It’s a match made as far from heaven as possible!

Carlos Style!

Carlos goes around picking up women (and in one case a young homosexual) and gets them to take some drugs with him. Doesn’t matter which, there a bit of heroin, a little cocaine and plenty of pot to go around. Once the folks are nice and high he gets a little handsy and it can go either way. Some like it, some resist, doesn’t matter because Carlos always ends it the same way. His arousal kicks into high gear usually after he stabs a person. So that leads to some uncomfortable sex scenes rocketed to a new level of ickyness. Seriously, Carlos is one fucked up hombre.

Waiting for comeuppance

After Carlos finishes up and the poor human he’s had his way with dies, he carves those famous three sixes into their flesh. His partnership with her evilness goes swimmingly and even grants the scuzzy rapist with some laser powers of his own and various telekinetic powers as well so even when a victim is able to flee they don’t get far. Sadly for the scumbag we know as El Gato, a deal with the devil rarely ends well. With the cops closing in there’s gonna be a bit of justice in the cards for the recently revived piece of shit.

Boy problems

Noé Murayama is definitely relishing his role as the demented Carlos. He seems to be having a blast as the twisted fuck and early Mexican nudity pioneer Ana Luisa Peluffo brings a bit of oddly placed prestige to the dark queen. The sleaze is laid on thick but it never really suffocates because the budget and talent behind the camera doesn’t allow for it. There’s some nasty crap taking place here and more than once ya may feel the scratch of nausea beginning to make its way in but than Carlos maniacally laughs or drawn on lasers shoot out of closeup still photo of an actor and you can’t help but laugh. It’s perfect exploitation. It’s scuzzy enough to make uncomfortable but inept enough where you don’t have to feel bad about watching it. It’s like discovering twenty bucks in a pair of Tecate soaked underpants pulled out of a dumpster couch. Your happy you did it but you’re definitely gonna want to sanitize yourself 7/10

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