Mihm-May-Verse! Weresquito: Nazi Hunter (2016) (USA)

Christopher R. Mihm has made a bit of a name for himself amongst us monster kids. I had heard his name and had a vague understanding of what his film output was like a few years back after reading a review of his The Giant Spider and realizing that there was another kindred spirit out there making films.


You see, while other kids my age were watching Freddy Krueger slash his way through teenage dreams and mama Vorhees’ baby boy slaughter hump happy idiots, I was parked in front of my family’s box television with my mom and dad marveling at giant ants meeting a fiery demise under the city of Los Angeles and rooting for John Agar as he tangled with a colossal tarantula. Monsters of every shape and size were my life.

Hey good looking

I’d fall for the slashers a little bit later down the line but my heart has always belonged to Godzilla and the Black Lagoon’s famous inhabitant. So I looked into Mihm’s filmography and saw a bunch of titles that warmed my atomic heart. Sadly, money was a bit tight so I put off purchasing anything and eventually other creatures took up my film watching time. Enter that coolest of the cats Reel Rat and his plan of dedicating a month to a certain creator I had wanted to grow aquatinted with but had forgotten. So I fired up the old IMDB and was excited as a moleman in the fort to find Mihm’s films were available on Amazon Prime. Browsing through I landed on the title that sang to me and that, my friends, is how I got to Weresquito: Nazi Hunter.

The hero we deserve

Those lousy Nazi bastards have been experimenting on brave American soldiers again but they’ve made a fatal mistake in not making sure Corporal John Baker was put down when they had to flee from victorious Allied forces. Now, John has tracked down the nasty Ratzis to a small American town and he’s going to introduce them to the creature he has become. The sight of blood brings about a transformation in the brave American but it ain’t no lycanthropy this time buddy. John transforms into a horrifying man-mosquito!

Half man. Half mosquito. All hero

Super strong and super deadly, he has no problem wiping the floor with the Nazi bastiches but Meets his Match when he finally closes in on the mad doctor who created him. Add a lovely diner waitress into the mix with a whopper of a secret of her own and you got yourself some drama! Filmed in glorious black and white (with red blood being the only color to make an appearance) and featuring some lovely rubber masked hijinks, Weresquito definitely hits plenty of the right notes. The melodramatic acting is spot on and everyone seems to be having a blast. There’s some moments of dragging but much like those 50’s B-flicks of a bygone era, you’re never that far away from some monstrous hijinks. Nazis, monsters and the American dream! To add to the fun watch the flick with the subtitles on, ya should get some good giggles. 7/10

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