Mihm-May-Verse! House of Ghosts (2012) (USA)

Somewhere, surrounded by a vast amount of money and piles of magic shop gags, William Castle is smiling. Although his grin is wide, it has nothing on the size of the smile this flick put on my face.


Outside of the fantasy world I’ve built where the ghost of a legendary showman still manages to catch a flick every now and then, (or, hell, he may be there on some psychic wavelength for all I know) Christopher R Mihm has built himself a lovely little universe comprised of nostalgia, enthusiasm and talent. I checked out Mihm’s Weresquito and found it to be akin to a pretty enjoyable episode of The Outer Limits but with House of Ghosts Mr. Mihm has made me a diehard fan.

This is a Mihm’s world

The man himself opens up the proceedings by greeting us, the audience, and issuing a warning. According to Mr. Mihm, there is a risk that goes along with watching his film. Seeing that he utilized actual…ahem…science in the moviemaking process evil spirits may actually come into our (the viewers at home) world. Luckily for us poor schlubs, the theater should have supplied “fear shields” but if we don’t have them we can use anything that blocks our view as to lessen our fear and keep our immortal souls safe from the angry spooks. Unfortunately for the group of weirdo socialites having a dinner party with a medium as a guest of honor…they have no such protection.

Party time

The married couple serving as hosts to their small group of friends have paid a medium to swing on by and show them proof of the supernatural. The medium has applied thousands of hours of paranormal research to create a machine of his own design which allows him to harness the metaphysical energies of the universe and open up a portal to the beyond. With a mixture of excitement and skepticism, the rich folks sit back and wait for something to happen. Outside of some flashing lights and loud noises generated from the device, they are disappointed when nothing much comes to pass. Their disappointment soon turns to horror when the medium’s device is proven to work amazingly well.

Almost… too well

Trapped inside thanks to an ill timed ice and snow storm, the group not only have to deal with the physical manifestations of their own guilt and fears but with a rubbery masked Angel of Death as well! If you love the hijinks that William Castle used to unleash in his heyday then you will find so much to devour in Christopher Mihm’s near perfect presentation in glorious black and white. There’s dark corners ripe for searching, a floating dog, rubber spiders and a vibe of fun so damn thick you could probably ride it all the way to schlock heaven! 9/10 Amazon Prime has most of Mihm’s filmography up right now and if you’re anything like me, ya should get on over there and get to watching!

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