The Merits of Sin: Killer Crocodile (1989) (Italy)

A murder happy colossal crocodile (here portrayed by a big ass goofy puppet) violently comes onto the scene in the swamps of a small island. These swamps are being polluted by radioactive waste from an unnamed shadowy corporation and this illegal waste dumping has brought a team of mildly attractive environmentalists to the island. Team … More The Merits of Sin: Killer Crocodile (1989) (Italy)

Box Set Purgatory

CHAPTER TWO A LIGHT SO DIM The smell of burnt hair and ozone wakes me up. The pounding in my head has me squinting to regain some kind of solid thought. I am bruised, I am bloody but I have survived. It’s been seventeen years since I watched the first disc of Catacomb of Creepshows … More Box Set Purgatory