The Merits of Sin: Snake Sisters (1984) (Philippines)

What in the seven fucks just happened?! Incredibly weird fantasy flick feels like a really bad fever dream, constantly shifting between irritation and insanity.


Bad ass opening credits fill us in on just how these ladies came to be. Apparently a mama snake laid sixteen eggs and three of them were abnormally large. Out of these large eggs hatched three women. Now these g-string clad sisters live on an island paradise unspoiled by the hands of man.


They spend most of their time giggling, frolicking, hunting and abusing cute little monkeys. Their heavenly existence is disturbed when the trio get hit with their period at the same time. Sensibly terrified, they worriedly call upon their father for help. The giant human headed snake (and thanks to budgetary issues he just comes off as a giant floating noggin) reassures them that their is nothing to fear and the sisters are now entering a time of freedom.


In the spirit of experiencing freedom the sisters leave the island on a makeshift sailboat and eventually come across a male castaway adrift in the ocean. They bring him back to the island and treat him with caution. They should have just left him to die. He awakens and eventually regains his strength. This leads to rape with the added awfulness of turning the girls into snakes (it’s the high cost of banging a man…even if it is unwillingly). Murdered animals, a rapist hero and the constant screeching of the sisters causes quite a bit of nausea… but the kind of nausea one comes to expect from this vintage of Filipino exploitation. Seriously all over the place with a climax that features a chattering monkey tribe (well humans with simian like screams) and a group whipping. Sure. Whatever. Disappearing subtitles add to the hallucinogenic feel and you can smell the mold clinging to the film. You should probably check it out and you can do that right here

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