You Heard it Here!

Spook du Jour was among the first to recognize the sick and twisted silent clown slasher TERRIFIER as something special. (links at end of article for proof). Art the Clown just has it. He is without a doubt, a future iconic villain, and one of the only ones in recent memory. Where many have tried, few have succeeded, and while no character will ever reach the heights of Freddy and Jason simply due to the nature of pop culture in this millenium, Art will certainly become a household name.


TERRIFIER 2 is on the horizon, and the indiegogo has officially launched! I just wanted to drop that link and encourage any fans to donate to make this the successful campaign it deserves to be. Watch the video and check out the perks, you may find something that tickles your sick ickle fancy. As promised, quick links below to past TERRIFIER coverage.

Director interview

Art the Clown interview

The Review

Stay slime!


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