The Merits of Sin Reads!!!! Night Shoot by David Sodergren

Slasher films are a dime a dozen. If you don’t think that’s the truth then you’re lying to yourself. Once folks saw a way to make a shit ton of money on a minuscule budget, the production machine got to work. All ya needed was a psychopath (mask or sometimes no mask), a group of idiots (most females willing to show some skin) and whatever special effects you could work with (hell, spraying red corn syrup across a wall seemed to work fine). They made money and they over saturated the market. Here’s the thing, I love slasher films. I know the plot points became an echo chamber of poor choices and convenience but hell, if it ain’t broke there’s no reason to fix it. Shit masks, no budget and backyard film making techniques only work to tug at my old horror heart strings. The genre has its highs and its lows but I guarantee you I will be there for every step of the way. This brings me to David Sodergren’s new novel Night Shoot. The story is simple. A small group of student filmmakers have been given limited access to a huge cliffside estate to film their class project. Things don’t go as planned and they foolishly return to the location after dark to finish up. Quickly, it all goes to hell. Owing more to 1981’s near perfect Hell Night than Friday the 13th, Sodergren’s tale already taps into a less walked slasher path. If your familiar with the Linda Blair classic then I’ve already said enough and if you’re not well you should change that. We’re hinged on the survival of a likable enough lead and the bastard characters are bastards with a capital B. So you will be falling into the two camps of slasher film viewers. You got yourself a final girl to cheer for and enough shitheels to get that bloodlust going. On the subject of bloodlust; boy howdy does this story get nasty. Like Sodergren’s previous book, The Forgotten Island (which is one hell of monster nightmare), any taboo when it comes to the flesh being brutalized is thrown from a top story window and left broken on ground. I cringed in spots and that’s just awesome. I don’t want give too much away (the book was released this year and should be grabbed immediately) so I’ll just leave ya with a final thought: I’ve always been willing to watch anything my beloved horror genre has to offer. It’s not because I’m a masochist it’s because (however minimal the chances) I know there are gems out there I haven’t seen. When I was just starting to take that journey into the labyrinthine maze of unseen flicks, there was always a hope of discovering a new favorite. Years of trite garbage has left some cynicism but there’s still a small flame burning. There’s always that dream movie just out of reach and the possibility that you’re about to watch it when you start up some obscure flick. I always went into an unheard of slasher flick thinking about the over the top splatter and imposing psychopath that could possibly be playing out in just a few minutes. That was never really the case. The film ya got was always a faint imitation of the nastiness your brain would come up with. Well. Night Shoot is the slasher film that you were hoping for.

You can pick it up here

and while you’re at it, grab yourself a copy of his first book here

My quick review of Forgotten Island:

My friends, it’s about to get icky. A beautifully disgusting combination of gross out horror and creature feature exploitation, David Sodergren’s The Forgotten Island hits ya like an especially gore covered large intestine wielded by Conan the Barbarian. A strong lead character makes it easy to root for some semblance of a happy ending and a collection of crappy humans makes it much easier to watch things get especially nasty. It’s like the red headed stepson of The Blood Island films but with a budget that Filipino production companies could only dream of. A damn fine read!

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