The Merits of Sin: Attack of the Dangerous Disgusting Black Worms From an Unknown Planet That No One Knows About (1999) (Germany)

A lot can happen in twenty three minutes. I just had no idea that this much could happen in under a half hour. May the trash Gods bless Germany and all the weirdo backyard filmmakers from Deutschland.

Eat. Sleep. Lick Your Finger. Repeat.

A chunk of exploded asteroid crash lands on earth, drawing the attention of two pleasant young German men. Of course, they decide to investigate. Fingering the blue goo’d opening of the space rock (good gawd what an awful sentence!) one of the men is attacked by the space worms which were released from the meteorite. Now I say “space worms” but it’s actually a bundle of VHS tape pulled on a visible string. I fucking dig it!

Gosh darn space worms!!!!

The non wormy man manages to escape but after he calms down a bit he gets his courage back and decides to check on his friend. Bad news. The worms not only killed the poor curious sap, but reanimated his corpse. The fresh zombie attacks and takes his time in doing so. At least, enough time to allow our hero to craft a bow and arrow out of some sticks laying around the forest floor. Successfully defending his life, the survivor decides it’s time to take some action against those bastard worms.

Not the hero we need or really the one we deserve

Decked out in camo and brandishing his trusty vacuum, the man goes on the hunt for some space worms. He fails and after losing some limbs he bleeds out. But not before a Great Value™️ Trent Reznor comes across his dying heroic ass and gets filled in on the details.

You are the (near) perfect drug

Up to date on the wormy threat, budget Reznor picks up the vacuum, places his boxers over his head for protection and makes it his duty to save planet Earth from those damn space worms!

Not the hero we need but at least he’s got a protective underpants helmet

Short and sweet, this bit of backyard German fun delivers. Cheap splat and genuine laughs pair perfectly with those enthusiastic vibes I love finding in my zero budget horror. It’s unsubtitled but luckily the film title gives you enough information to get along just fine. It also features one of my favorite abrupt endings in German SOV history. A must see 9/10

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