The Merits of Sin: Nagai Go Kawai Zone: Kaiki aka Go Nagai’s Scary Zone: The Mysterious Demon (1989) (Japan)

Uhhhhhh wha? I’m not sure what the hell I just watched but a man in a cape was there and he told me two stories.

I can’t end on that? Fine.

Granted, I don’t speak Japanese and have never suffered intense brain trauma… which would probably have helped me wrap my head around the nonsense playing out in front of my eyes. A man dressed up as either a lazy Dracula or a rest home stage magician (probably writer Go Nagai) briefly rambles god knows what but I’m assuming it’s a small introduction to the tale of “terror” about to play out. A young anorexic girl gets naked and passes out. Malnutrition will do that to you. Her mother talks to a doctor and attempts to get her daughter to eat by setting out a feast in front of her. It fails and in frustration, mama storms out.

How can ya have any pudding?!?

The girl goes back to the bathtub and either attempts suicide or aggressively masturbates… it’s one or the other. Eventually she sits naked in front of the table and a cool looking dragon like demon puppet bursts out of her chest.


Drago-Demo Stomackboy™️ chows down on all the food and even the furniture and it seems like the girl gets off on it. The next morning the mom shows up and looks happy that everything has been consumed. The girl (with no stomach injury whatsoever) steps on a scale and smiles. Sure.

I’ve seen this before

The whole time there’s some weird creepers roaming around the neighborhood looking cheaper than a dollar store Universal Monster rip-off. A mummy stumbles about, Dracula flashes his wang and two of the shoddiest werewolves I’ve ever seen bang on top of a barn. I gently scoop my brains off the carpet and shove them back into my ears.

The brain of an artist

Next up (after our host returns to mumble something) a girlfriend visits her boyfriend’s mountaintop home. There’s a locked door that she gets curious about but the boyfriend jokes around any explanation. He leaves her there and she slowly begins losing her mind, terrified that there’s some weird shit going on. A creepy old caretaker does little to help. Eventually the boyfriend returns and…well…stuff happens. A bunch of old people show up and the girl transforms into a demon. I think the boyfriend was up to something but I can’t be sure. That’s it. I really have no idea what the fuck just happened but that’s ok. The moody black and white videography of the second story works in its favor and there’s blood, beasts and boobs so I won’t be hating on it. Piecing together the stories based completely on assumption may not be the best way to review a film but it’s a hard to find cheap ass SOV horror flick that I’ll take without subtitles over not having at all. Perspective my friends…perspective. 5/10

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