The Merits of Sin: Herencia Diabolica (1993) (Mexico)

An elderly satanist passes away peacefully and leaves her mansion to her only surviving relative, a nephew in New York. Tony and his wife fly to Mexico to move into their new home. A new job and a pregnancy soon follow. However, the joy won’t be lasting that long because whilst looking around the house, Tony’s wife has discovered a creepy attic room. Filled with black magic paraphernalia, the thing that stands out the most is a large and creepy as all hell clown doll. Naturally, she removes it from its crate and brings it downstairs.

Of course this belongs in the family room!

Months pass on by and even though it seems like his wife may be slipping mentally, what with her convinced the doll is moving around the house on its lonesome, Tony leaves on an important business trip. The doll comes to life (no longer a creepy as fuck inanimate nightmare, now portrayed by a dwarf in face paint) and causes Mrs. Tony to fall down the stairs. She dies but the medics manage to save her unborn baby.

You deserve this

Six years pass and now it’s just sad sack Tony and his annoying wiener son Roy, who loves the creepy ass thing that killed his mother (in all fairness to the dope, he doesn’t know it killed his mother). Tony’s secretary convinces him it’s finally time to move on and Roy needs a new mother. One montage later and Roy has a white pantsuit rockin’ new secretary-mama.

Brazzers has hit a new low

New mama doesn’t like the creepy little clown thing and thinks they should get rid of it but Roy is unhealthily attached to it so it’s no easy task. He mopes about when separated from his little clown and loses his shit when there’s even a threat of it going to whatever hell spooky dolls go to. A couple more murders convince Mama 2: Camel Toe Fever that the thing must go and when she gets forceful it takes action.

Ya done fucked up now

It climaxes with the world’s slowest foot chase and a fittingly unhappy ending. Let’s just say Tony’s all time wife average is 0-2…but his widower average is perfect!

Somehow sluggish and entertaining in unison, Herencia Diabolica is a weirdo treat for fans of Mexican horror or trash films in general. The killer clown/doll thing is made all the creepier by the reliance on an actual actor running around, chasing people with a weapon. There’s an almost indecipherable sex scene set to music that would appear in a 80 year old Hollywood producer’s idea of a bondage club and a hilarious trip to the fair which features a depressed Roy finding no enjoyment in anything. There’s also a nightmare scene with flashing lights and secretary-mommy being molested by the creep ass doll. Weird times. 7/10

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