The Merits of Sin: Santo vs Frankenstein’s Daughter (1972) (Mexico)

Frankenstein’s daughter has a plan. The leathery old mummy has run into a problem with her youth serum. Much to her chagrin, she has found out that over time her body has built up a resistance to the serum and no longer lasts as long as it used to. Her leathery old ass has figured that if she can get her hands on the strong blood of Santo and add it to the serum, well she can keep herself and her army of red shirted henchmen younger looking and stronger forever. There is one major catch, in order to get possession of Santo’s blood ya gotta manage to overpower Santo and that my friend is no easy feat. But like I said, Freda Frankenstein has a plan.

Cool your jets

Knowing full well how hard it is to catch Santo slipping, Freda sends her goons to capture the masked hero’s lovely main squeeze Norma. With that task easily accomplished and a note left at Norma’s for Santo, the trap is set and now all they have to do is sit back and wait for him to come to them. Santo happily obliges and heads on out to the fog shrouded hacienda far outside of the bright lights of Mexico City, bringing along Norma’s concerned sister Elsa.

I hope they validate

Now you may be saying: “what the hell is Dr. Frankenstein thinking? Her and her henchman ain’t got a chance going up against the silver masked savior!” And this is a proper concern but Freda is a cold hearted genius and has a few more cards stacked in her favor. Outside of her loyal henchman (lead by an eye-patched idiot named One-Eyed), who she keeps in check with the looming threat of taking away the serum and bringing about a rapid aging and painful death, she has been hard at work in the lab with her father’s old assistant Dr. Yanco creating some things. The first of these experiments is an ape-man she created by transfusing gorilla blood into some poor schlub. As of right now she can control Truxum through hypnotism but once he becomes more gorilla than man he will be useless to her. The second creation is a chubby patchwork human named Ursus who was her version of her daddy’s greatest accomplishment. Both of these monsters are under her command and strong enough to give Santo a run for his money.

Los Ingobernables de Frankenstein

Santo puts up a good fight but due to that damn numbers game and his lady love held at gun point, he ends up in chains. Elsa manages to escape but when she goes to get help from the town sheriff, Don Elias, she finds out he too is in debt to Dr. Frankenstein and gets herself imprisoned. Things are looking pretty damn bleak and when Santo turns Freda’s proposition of becoming an immortal power couple down, her obvious psychosis turns itself a bit more homicidal.

How most of my role playing encounters end

Luckily, we’re watching a Santo film and as he is want to do, Santo gets himself free and sets about making Freda Frankenstein regret she ever conspired to get her aged mitts on Santo’s TR riddled hero blood. Asses are kicked, humans age and decay in quick fashion, poison gas shoots out of a skull’s eye sockets and with a little compassion Santo manages to get Ursus on his side. The adventure is bookmarked by the usual Lucha action which may be boring for some but is fine by me. Hell, we even get to watch our hero win a world title! This adventure is a psychotronic masterpiece and never drags. If masked men and mad women are your thing than you can’t do much better. 8/10

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