The Merits of Sin: Requiem Der Teufel (1993) (Germany)

An unhappily married young woman (in her defense, her husband is a pud with a bad temper) seeks comfort in the macho arms of some German dork with a motorcycle and leather jacket. Her Game Boy playing husband has his suspicions and begins to snoop through her things. He finds a photo of the other man and decides to not take this affair lightly.

I’d cheat on him too

He sneaks into the bathroom while his wife is in the tub and tosses in a hair dryer. This causes her veins to rupture and she hemorrhages out in the middle of her bath. He then drives on out to her lover’s place and waits around for the schmuck. When he pulls in the next day the angry hubby blows him away with a rifle and then runs over his still living body. His work ain’t done though, an innocent bystander has witnessed everything and flees into the woods. The dumbass trips and gets a branch through his eye, making it an easy third murder for the crazy cuckold.

Tough break, kid

Happy with himself, the man returns home. There’s a funeral (where he receives the gift of a toy pig) and it seems no question whatsoever about his innocence. Luckily for all of us, the dead don’t exactly just accept injustice.

Now ya done fucked up

The wife’s ghost/zombie returns first. She doesn’t show herself to her murderer but sneaks around the house, playing nasty tricks on the guy. Slight poisoning keeps him feeling like shit and a razor blade in his spaghetti gets him freaking out. She finally reveals herself to him and then reveals that she brought along some friends.

Mom’s spaghetti!

The trio of folks he killed are all back and they’re ready for some supernatural revenge. Well, physical violence delivered by their undead hands at the very least. Despite his pure weenie status, the guy puts up a fight. He manages to take out and double kill the two dudes but his wife is a bit more troublesome. She gets the upper hand and he winds up tied to a table, with his undead wife hovering over him.

Fight like a weenie

SOV fun has a slow going first half but even that is hardly an issue. Running just shy of 80 minutes the film doesn’t putz around all that much and gets to the good stuff. It saves the elaborate effects for the supernatural climax which works in its favor. The damn thing ends with the wife having her face ripped off and the screaming skeleton power drilling through the man’s forehead and then finger blasting the skull hole. I’ll never hate anything that features something like that.

Mission accomplished

Showing a restraint (somewhat) not found in most German SOV, Requiem doesn’t bore with an over abundance of violence. The copy from King of the Witches has no subtitles but it’s pretty damn easy to follow and it shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment. 6/10

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