Schlock du Jour: Doll Factory (2014)

In a world overrun with Annabelles, where a Raggedy Ann doll can be twisted into nightmare fuel, we will persevere—that is, as long as we keep watching movies like DOLL FACTORY to cleanse our palates of the mainstream evil doll fare.
DOLL FACTORY brings back the evil doll spirit that was alive in movies such as THE PUPPET MASTER series and some of Charlie Band’s other, zanier Full Moon titles that feature small killers.
DOLL FACTORY is a horror-comedy (emphasis on the comedy) where dolls spew and shit green slime, get high, and chop off penises. The usual suspects of teen freaks and geeks played by thirty year olds read from a book of spells bound in human skin and unleash the terror that had been stopped once before several decades back. Now that the dolls are back to extract souls for their master by murdering the people of Goober county in the goriest ways they can muster, it’s up to those responsible to end the nightmare they have unleashed.
Awe! They’re actually kind of cute!
Sweet Christ on a cracker!
My sweet spot can be hard to tickle, especially when it comes to goofy or spoof horror, as “Over-the-top” can be a delicate balancing act that usually ends in a tasteless topple, but DOLL FACTORY entertained and was incredibly easy to watch. It’s the sort of movie that would be played on USA: Up All Night, if that wonderful, personally formative series ever resurfaced.
Surely Rhonda Shear would appreciate this irreverent cinema. Perhaps not as much as we appreciated Rhonda, but still. I wonder if her address is still the same. I should write her a letter.
WildEye releasing has a lot of surprises in their catalog, and I would definitely count the cock-choppingly good DOLL FACTORY to be among them. Recommended!
PS: Call me, Rhonda.

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