Schlock du Jour (NSFW): Cannibal Hookers (2020)

directed by Donald Farmer It’s probably safe to assume that cannibal flicks reached peak notoreity in 1980 with the release of a certain CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. And look, I’ve heard of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, but this is ridiculo—well… it’s kinda sexy actually. And the cannibals in CANNIBAL HOOKERS aren’t the jungle variety. Unless you count the concrete jungle, … More Schlock du Jour (NSFW): Cannibal Hookers (2020)

Wicked World (1991)

In 1989 Canadian DIY Director, Barry J. Gillis, blessed the world with his demonic horror probably-not-comedy, Things. Wicked World is Gillis’ serial killer manifesto followup; Just as Canadian, just as confounding. What indeed is happening here? Well. As far as we can tell, there’s a serial killer (Gordon probably?). He looks and sounds like a … More Wicked World (1991)

The Merits of Sin: Exte: Hair Extensions (2007) (Japan)

Leaning too far into insanity can be a crutch for a lot of movies. It can still make for good cinema but sometimes a balance is completely necessary to connect a viewers feet with solid ground. The idea of malevolent hair is a ridiculous concept but the fact that it’s grounded by a completely believable … More The Merits of Sin: Exte: Hair Extensions (2007) (Japan)