Schlock du Jour: Pig Chicken Suicide (1981)

directed by: Yoshihiko Matsui


PIG CHICKEN SUICIDE is the video version of the sound of the US National Anthem played backwards at 39 rpm. Bleak, brutal, visceral, and filled with moments that can’t sit still and moments that don’t seem to end. Moments that are at once utterly bizarre, and then bizarre by way of being utterly mundane.
Heeeeeeeeerrre’s Jomny!
It’s a descent into madness and hell. With the still image slideshows, constant close-ups, frantic energy, and dichotomous color palette, it could easily be played on a loop to drive P.O.W.s to the brink of insanity.
Apparently, PIG CHICKEN SUICIDE is the story of racial discrimination destroying the love of two Koreans living in Japan, but the film is so surreal, I don’t know how one would gather that without being told.
Family time is… setting your dog a fire

Mummies in the labyrinthine alleyways,

a child dressed as a supervillain dragging around a grown man dressed like a chicken.
Pigs are graphically fed and bled. Brother-sister incest. A peeping Tom, female masturbation, Harm to dogs. The kitchen sink.
Maybe it’s the Animal Farm in me, but it feels as much like propaganda as it does a vicious raging against the machine. It’s TETSUO: THE IRON MAN with the sci-fi cut out. It’s BEGOTTEN with the religion skinned off. If nothing else, it can be enjoyed as a visual feast. I’d expect a local underground grindcore band having this movie playing behind them as they growl into the microphone.
PIG CHICKEN SUICIDE is an art piece for reprobates, so it’s no surprise you’re reading about it here. Enjoy at your own risk.

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