The Merits of Sin: Gorotica (1993) (USA)

Fucked up people collide as some fucked up situations escalate in Hugh Gallagher’s nihilistic follow up to the entertaining as all hell Gorgasm.

It’s about to get wet

Two low rent thieves flee into the night with a bag of stolen goods. A large jewel seems to be their main target and with the heat closing in, one of the crooks swallows the gem and ditches the rest. A cop stops them and a quick shoot out leads to a dead officer and a badly injured criminal. His buddy Neil steals a car from an extremely drunk man and loads him in, trying to come up with a plan of action.

Them small time hood blues

As Neil and Max flee in a stolen vehicle, the super foxy Carrie watches a continuous barrage of images of corpses and masturbates on her bed. She gets off with the help of skull. You may say “Brennan. Why the fuck did you bring that up out of nowhere?” Trust me. It’s important to know that she’s into some freaky shit.

Carrie. You so freaky

Neil heads to the solitude of a cemetery to figure things out and discovers Max has passed on, Carrie is also at this cemetery for reasons I can only assume involve the recently deceased. She notices Neil but more importantly she notices the freshly deceased Max and she has an idea. Promising Neil a safe place to crash and a means of disposing the body, she offers her help. Neil agrees but we’ll find out pretty damn quick that Carrie has an ulterior motive.

A’ight! I’m out.!

Ya see, Carrie is a necrophiliac and she is jonesing to get to boning the fresh corpse she’s just miraculously stumbled upon. When Neil heads out to make a phone booth phone call to try to sell off the jewel, Carrie has some steamy shower sex with the dead dude they’ve placed in her bath tub. Neil finds out he’ ll be able to get some cash and when he returns he finds Carrie cutting his dead friend’s hair and kissing the cold cadaver he roles with it, knowing he’s just gotta get through another day then he’ll be getting the hell out of town.

Perfectly normal

Of course, nothing could possibly be that easy. Carrie has other plans for Max now that he’s begun to stink. She gives him a farewell fuck and then calls an acquaintance of hers. She knocks Neil out with a skull when he tries to cut open the corpse to get to the jewel and then drags Max’s remains to her contact’s house. Why is she bringing the body there? Well, you may want to sit down.

It’s fine…it’s all fine

Her contact is some cape wearing creep who she supplies corpses to because he has AIDS. Worried about being imprisoned for spreading the horrible disease, he figures it’s just easier to have his way with already decomposing partners. On top of the corpse fucking, he pays Carrie some extra cash to dress up in leather and whip him as he has his way with the dead. Tennessee is lit as fuck, yo!

TN Pride

More cops are killed along the way and eventually Neil confronts his perverted antagonists and it all climaxes the only way it ever could. With Neil murdering an AIDS infected corpse fucker, getting covered in his blood, shooting Carrie in the head and then planning his own suicide by immolation in a seedy motel room. Yay?

Roll credits!

Ghetty Chasun as Carrie throws everything into her performance and shies away from nothing. This film is anchored by her presence and bravery. The acting everywhere else a little rocky, slipping between pure camp and boredom. It doesn’t matter in the least though thanks to the story that just spins out of control from the get-go. Hugh Gallagher continues to impress and fortunately found a powerhouse in Ghetty. A nasty but enjoyable experience. 8/10

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