A Pictorial Review of Body Melt (1993, Australia)

No, this is not a review of a 90s R&B album! As a matter of fact this is a Cronenberg-ian body horror ride from the rough guts of Melbourne (Melbin), Australia on the tail end of their New Wave Punk scene. It’s directed by Philip Brophy, former drummer of performance punk band, ➡⬆➡ (Pronounced tsc-tsc-tsc I’m not kidding). I really loved this movie and all of its bizarre, backwoods, body weirdness. All I can really do is gush (pun intended fuck it), which is boring, so instead, here are some captioned pics from the movie. Some I may have edited a bit. Cheers!

Inside-Out-Omlets, New! At IHOP!
Such a visceral album.
It’s a gay Minions porn kinda mornin’
Rollerblade scenes SHOULD be mandatory in EVERY movie.
I liked the single, but the rest of this album seemed overlong and drippy.
You PC, bro?
-Sneezed with his eyes open-
Thought she was going into labor, it was just gas.
The makeup and costumes are fucking wonderful.
These guys kill a kangaroo to eat its glands. It was kind of romantic idk.
Spagooter shooters!!!
Image taken after a line that sums this film up ideally: “First stage is hallucinagenic. Second stage is glandular. Third stage is GAAAHHH!”
Ya’ll ready to make some love?

❤ Jeremy

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