Review: Black Roses Symphony (2019)

Directed by: Vick Campbell
runtime: just a lil over 2 hrs.

I have vague memories of channel-surfing during the more dreary mornings of the summers of my youth. It was on one such occasion that I would happen upon the Spanish channel, and see a soap opera resplendent with occult themes and imagery. The episode was a blur and I didn’t catch the name of the show, but every time I channel surfed I checked Telemundo to see if I could catch a glimpse of that sweet Spanish soap.

Sadly, I never did.

Now, nearly 25 years later, I watch BLACK ROSES SYMPHONY, a Spanish film that’s all devil worship and human sacrifice–All exorcism and incestuous necrophilia, and I feel like a kid again. Back in my basement bedroom watching that mysterious Spanish soap opera.

But don’t get the wrong idea. BLACK ROSES SYMPHONY is so much greater than a soap could ever aspire to be.

The film begins with title sequence that rivals the best of them. Worms creep and crawl across a skull to some slow psychedelic music as blood red titles play across the screen. I could honestly have watched 2 hours of that alone. Then we are dropped into a brief sequence with a satanic uncle followed immediately by some family melodrama involving affairs, whores, and impotence, and no I’m not talking about the Trump family reunion–ZING!

Although the hair might suggest otherwise

There’s the patriarch who loves his whores, the blue-haired matriarch who is supposedly a slut, and their three offspring: The sweet and beautiful daughter Joana, the developmentally challenged son Arnau, and the Satanic daughter Eulalia, who will straight-up murder you and feed you to her family.

Eulalia speaks

Feed someone to her family she does before serving her parents poisoned wine so she can become head of the household. Then shit really hits the ole proverbial fan. She keeps the bodies around. Joana and Arnau are devastated at losing their mother, but at least Arnau can make love to his deceased mom now! Erm, Arnau? Oedipus called… you know the rest.

Eulalia puts on plays with the mummified remains of her parents on stage as the main characters. She also kidnaps people and kills them to make drugs to sell to her customers. One of her customers is a satanic politician with an eyepatch who wants a mystical book Eulalia possesses. From there it’s laser eyes, possession, and lots of R-rated words accompanied by a Tongue Splashers palette of colors. A macabre feast for the senses with no concern for your well-being.

You know the ones

More maniacal laughter than you can shake a stick at. Exorcism candy for those with a possession sweet tooth. Melodrama garnishing every scene like a five star restaurant for the damned. BLACK ROSES SYMPHONY hits so many sweet spots it’s hard to keep track.

Grab a copy from Toxic Filth Video here!


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