The Merits of Sin: Snake Sisters (1984) (Philippines)

What in the seven fucks just happened?! Incredibly weird fantasy flick feels like a really bad fever dream, constantly shifting between irritation and insanity. Bad ass opening credits fill us in on just how these ladies came to be. Apparently a mama snake laid sixteen eggs and three of them were abnormally large. Out of … More The Merits of Sin: Snake Sisters (1984) (Philippines)

The Merits of Sin: Magic Crystal (1986) (Hong Kong)

Almost exhausting in its wealth of lunacy, Magic Crystal comes off as some sort of cocaine infused hybrid of the popular Spielberg action/adventure films of the 80s. There was money to be made and HK schlock auteur Jing Wong wasn’t about to let that go unnoticed. The Hunting Eagles is a two man task force … More The Merits of Sin: Magic Crystal (1986) (Hong Kong)

In Theaters: Ma

Ma (2019)Directed By: Tate TaylorWritten By: Scotty Landes, Tate Taylor I wasn’t sure about this movie after first seeing the trailer. It looked like a story that I have heard a million times. Then I saw the crazy in Octavia Spencer’s eyes and I knew they had my money. Octavia Spencer is a national treasure … More In Theaters: Ma