You Heard it Here!

Spook du Jour was among the first to recognize the sick and twisted silent clown slasher TERRIFIER as something special. (links at end of article for proof). Art the Clown just has it. He is without a doubt, a future iconic villain, and one of the only ones in recent memory. Where many have tried, few have … More You Heard it Here!

Spook of the Union – A Letter From the Editor

It’s that time again. We’ve completed yet another rotation around the sun. Some of Spook du Jour’s finest have compiled their end-of-year lists here and here, signaling the termination of 2018. Time rolls on like the paddywack man. Where was I going with this? AH YES! 2019! 2019 Promises more of what you love! Interviews, … More Spook of the Union – A Letter From the Editor