Forgotten Nightmares: Teenage Monster (1958) (USA)

Life is pretty tough when you’re a teenage monster. Ya got a mama who loves ya but worries about the extracurricular activities you get into. You got mama’s new love interest (dad did die seven years ago after all) ,who happens to be the town sheriff, snooping around thanks to your extracurricular activities. Worst of … More Forgotten Nightmares: Teenage Monster (1958) (USA)

Forgotten Nightmares: The Man and the Monster (1958) (Mexico)

A few words before we get to the review proper. Mexico has a sadly ignored rich history with the horror genre. Offering a vast array of flicks for any adventurous fan from the genuinely chilling (1975’s Darker Than Night) to the bat shit insane (1962’s The Brainiac), Mexi-horror should (especially the first boom) be held … More Forgotten Nightmares: The Man and the Monster (1958) (Mexico)