Fresh Cuts: Hellboy (2019) (USA/UK/Bulgaria/Canada)

I did not come to this new interpretation of Mike Mignola’s essential character from the perspective of the previous filmic version. Guillermo Del Toro’s flawed original and excellent sequel are their own thing and I decided to respect that. I was able to almost completely forget about that duo thanks to my history with the … More Fresh Cuts: Hellboy (2019) (USA/UK/Bulgaria/Canada)

Fresh Cuts: The Witch in the Window (2018) (USA)

Sometimes “little” films can really hit the spot. No frills, just a neat idea anchored by a capable cast and a talented creator. The Witch in the Window never feels extravagant and it’s better off for it. Simon has just grabbed up his son from the over protective (kinda) arms of his ex-wife. Not illegally … More Fresh Cuts: The Witch in the Window (2018) (USA)