(Amazon) Prime Grime: A Rogues Gallery of Crap Part One

Direct to dvd madness was in full swing as the millennium kicked in the door like a drunk daddy on a cocaine binge. Video stores were stocked to high hell with bottom shelf loveliness mass produced for a hungry horror market. Slashers were cheap as hell to make, giant animals rendered to life with defunct … More (Amazon) Prime Grime: A Rogues Gallery of Crap Part One

The Merits of Sin: 1972 Yellow House (2013) (USA)

In the years before YouTube was a thing or had garnered much popularity, there were a handful of creepy ass videos circulating the internet. Most have been proven to be the creations of inspiring filmmakers or talented pranksters but some still remain upsetting obscurities haunting a mostly forgotten corner of my dusty brain. The handful … More The Merits of Sin: 1972 Yellow House (2013) (USA)

Fresh Cuts: Summer of 84 (2018) (Canada/USA)

The creative team behind the wonderful Turbo Kid have hit the hungry public with a far more restrained affair. Tension replaces slapstick and they prove they’re just as apt at handling grounded dread as cartoonish insanity. Lazy summer days get a mighty fine level of excitement when a young conspiracy minded teen comes to believe … More Fresh Cuts: Summer of 84 (2018) (Canada/USA)

Under-seen Streams

The word underrated gets thrown around a lot. I can’t remember where I heard this, but I think what most people mean when they say underrated is under-seen. And to me, that’s what makes a cult movie 10-20 years down the line. Below are some under-seen gems I stand behind whole-heartedly. And if you have … More Under-seen Streams