Schlock du Jour: Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010)

Knowing that those around me have witnessed my floundering lows makes me feel…exposed. Even once the depression cycle has ended, I have to exist knowing that they have seen me in that state. It is for this reason that Schlock is my friend. Schlock doesn’t judge. Schlock only supports me. Schlock is love. Shlock is … More Schlock du Jour: Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010)

Schlock & Gore: Nightmare City (1980)

directed by Umberto Lenzi runtime: 92 mins Zombies? Vampires?? ZOMPIRES??? Oh my. Crazed, irradiated men that look like an army of burnt Toxic Avengers spill from an unauthorized aircraft onto the landing strip with axes and shit! They also mow down military fools with Uzis! Reporter Dean Miller (a baggy-eyed Hugo Stiglitz) looks on. It … More Schlock & Gore: Nightmare City (1980)