[Show Notes] #71 Holiday Horror w/ Charley Reed

Guest Charley Reed I first met Charley last October when we ended up on the same team for the Halloween edition of Rob and Sara’s movie quiz. Unfortunately, and despite our maximum effort, we lost by three points. (STUPID PHANTASM THEME!!! STUPID ANTHONY!!!) The second time I saw Charley was at a screening of Blue … More [Show Notes] #71 Holiday Horror w/ Charley Reed

[Show Notes] #59 The Horror Debates

Intro Music – “Ghosts of Emory” by Donelly Family Reunion Guests Brenna Grabow – @smoothjazz91 Ryan de la Garza – @ofthegarza Lawrence Hernandez Dave Owens – Names Without Numbers Jeremy Johnson – @babadookonvhs Charley Reed The Debates We’re continuing Anthony’s birthday celebration this week with old friends and new friends. We chose four movies and put our guests against … More [Show Notes] #59 The Horror Debates