Forgotten Nightmares: Night Monster (1942) (USA)

The standard old dark house template gets a little shot in the arm thanks to some bullshit Eastern mysticism and small roles for Lugosi and Atwill in this early forties thriller from Universal. There’s gonna be a whole lotta trouble at Kurt Ingston’s swamp enclosed mansion when he invites the three doctors who failed to … More Forgotten Nightmares: Night Monster (1942) (USA)

Forgotten Nightmares: The Catman of Paris (1946) (USA)

Outside of the trashy weirdness I’ve obsessed over for the last few decades, my heart belongs to the under-seen black and white horrors that blessed the viewing public with cheapjack pleasure up into the 1960s (there were some beyond that but I’ll keep 1960 as a cut off so I have some limits). Usually clocking […]

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