Schlock & Gore: The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

directed by Jim Wynorski runtime: 88 glorious mins MVD Rewind Collection spine #5 DISCLAIMER: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS NERDY AND INAPPROPRIATE SHIT. From director Jim Wynorski, Heather Locklear’s Boobs AKA The Return of Swamp Thing I saw Avengers: Infinity War against my better judgement. I knew I was done with the modern superhero yarn and I … More Schlock & Gore: The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

Schlock & Gore: Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977)

BRIC-A BRAC-A FIRECRACKER SIS BOOM BAH! SATANAS! BANANAS! RAH! RAH! RAH! GOOOOOO CULTS! Have you ever loved something so much that you became its cheerleader? I did it when Conker’s Bad Fur Day came out for Nintendo 64, and I’m doing it right now for Satan’s Cheerleaders.   Coming to us from Greydon Clark, director … More Schlock & Gore: Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977)

[Drive-In Double Feature] Embrace the Weird

I propose that you settle in for one of the most awkward nights of your cinematic-viewing life this weekend (after seeing Alien: Covenant, of course). Stepping out of character for a moment, the two movies I’ve chosen for this DIDF have nothing to do with this week’s episode, and they’re both fairly recent films. Both, … More [Drive-In Double Feature] Embrace the Weird