The Scum Gutter: Sikkfukks (2018)

The Scum Gutter is brought to you in part by sickos like you. Today’s review: SIKKFUKKS. SIKKFUKKS isn’t your typical torture porn snuff-inspired German gore flick. Sure it showcases the ripping apart of brain meat like an apprentice butcher pulling pork. And sure it has the graphic disembowling of less-than-fortunate women. But SIKKFUKKS has something … More The Scum Gutter: Sikkfukks (2018)

Schlock & Gore: Doll Syndrome (2014)

directed by Domiziano Delvaux Christopharo runtime: 95 mins Wild Eye Releasing A man known only as “Him” awakens. He moves mechanically, robotically to the window. It’s a serene yet unsettling moment. And then, jarringly, he starts masturbating. He actually does this. Then he ejaculates onto the window. He actually does this too, and we see … More Schlock & Gore: Doll Syndrome (2014)