Get Out, White Feminists!

GET OUT, White Feminists! Now, if you’ve taken a peak at my avatar, I can only imagine what you’re thinking, “But… she is white.”  You bet your ass I am.  Descended from the UK and Ireland, I am an always-carrying-sunscreen, never-used-a-seasoning-or-spice, should-not-dance-in-public kind of white.  Which makes me woefully unqualified to take an in-depth look at … More Get Out, White Feminists!

Boombox Macabre | Volume 1: Abduction in the Suburbs

The boombox sits alone on the counter. No one is there to see it Click turn on by itself and auto tune through some advertisements to soft static. Zoom in. The static gets louder… (from outside) Hoot Owl hears the wind first. The leaves ruffle and skip down the street. Sad windchimes play. Approaching footsteps, … More Boombox Macabre | Volume 1: Abduction in the Suburbs