[Show Notes] #63 Micah Renner and Michael Hulstein

Guests Micah Renner and Michael Hulstein (OJAI) Facebook Instagram Bandcamp Spotify Nonsense Doctors at a Columbian hospital say they have successfully performed surgery on a woman after she said she was suffering from stomach pain. The cause of the pain? She had swallowed between $7,000 and $9,000 in U.S. $100 bills. The reason? To spite … More [Show Notes] #63 Micah Renner and Michael Hulstein

Get Out, White Feminists!

GET OUT, White Feminists! Now, if you’ve taken a peak at my avatar, I can only imagine what you’re thinking, “But… she is white.”  You bet your ass I am.  Descended from the UK and Ireland, I am an always-carrying-sunscreen, never-used-a-seasoning-or-spice, should-not-dance-in-public kind of white.  Which makes me woefully unqualified to take an in-depth look at … More Get Out, White Feminists!