The Merits of Sin: The X From Outer Space (1967) (Japan)

Japanese monster flicks have been a part of my life for as long as my movie viewing peepers have been turned to the television screen. I’ve seen Japan destroyed dozens of times by rubber suited creatures of all shapes. I’ve seen scientists and soldiers race against the clock to throw a wrench in doomsday’s plans. … More The Merits of Sin: The X From Outer Space (1967) (Japan)

Schlock du Jour: Alligator (1980)

directed by Lewis Teague runtime: 91 heavenly mins MAKE SEWERS GREAT AGAIN! It’s 1980 and Robert “Fucking” Forster is a tough cop combating a grouchy gator and male pattern baldness. Robin “Yes Please” Riker plays a stunning young herpetologist with “a wonderful mind… and beautiful tits.” Can they stop a rather riotous reptile from ruining … More Schlock du Jour: Alligator (1980)

Forgotten Nightmares: Teenage Monster (1958) (USA)

Life is pretty tough when you’re a teenage monster. Ya got a mama who loves ya but worries about the extracurricular activities you get into. You got mama’s new love interest (dad did die seven years ago after all) ,who happens to be the town sheriff, snooping around thanks to your extracurricular activities. Worst of … More Forgotten Nightmares: Teenage Monster (1958) (USA)