The Merits of Sin: Jack-O aka Jack O’Lantern (1995) (USA)

Inclusion is important. That’s why participation awards exist. Sure ya sucked but at least ya fucking tried. I feel if I was ever running a horror film awards ceremony I’d be giving out a shit ton of participation awards. I wouldn’t be showering praise on every poor excuse for a movie but a lot of … More The Merits of Sin: Jack-O aka Jack O’Lantern (1995) (USA)

Forgotten Nightmares: Phantom Killer (1942) (USA)

Fast talking fun and needlessly complicated criminal hijinks are the name of the game in this charming Monogram “thriller”. Ed Clark, ayoung prosecutor, is convinced that beloved philanthropist John G. Harrison is behind a series of murders/robberies plaguing the community. There are a few problems with his theory: John G. Harrison is a deaf-mute and … More Forgotten Nightmares: Phantom Killer (1942) (USA)