Schlock & Gore: Nightmare City (1980)

directed by Umberto Lenzi runtime: 92 mins Zombies? Vampires?? ZOMPIRES??? Oh my. Crazed, irradiated men that look like an army of burnt Toxic Avengers spill from an unauthorized aircraft onto the landing strip with axes and shit! They also mow down military fools with Uzis! Reporter Dean Miller (a baggy-eyed Hugo Stiglitz) looks on. It … More Schlock & Gore: Nightmare City (1980)

[Show Notes] #52 Jason Krawczyk/The Horror Exam #9

Intro We doubled up the show this week – first with an interview Anthony did with writer/director Jason Krawczyk (He Never Died), then followed by The Horror Exam #9. Guests Jason Krawczyk ( Rob Bruns (Omaha Film Festival) Chip Erickson (Stab, Stab 2) Elliot Ross (The Basement on a Hill) The Horror Exam Round 1 – Multiple Choice (Vampires) … More [Show Notes] #52 Jason Krawczyk/The Horror Exam #9