Schlock du Jour: Ninja Zombie (1992)

directed by Mark Bessenger runtime: 87 mins Sometime around 2006 I was in college and there was this seemingly random resurgence in the fascination with ninjas and pirates. The world was forced into taking sides. I imagine many an undergrad getting laid after relating to their intoxicated coeds about ninjitsu’s superiority to swashbuckling or vice-versa. … More Schlock du Jour: Ninja Zombie (1992)

The Merits of Sin: The Supernaturals (1986) (USA)

Underappreciated gold from the lovely era of weekend nights spent rummaging through the local mom & pop video shop’s stacked horror section. Lost in the shuffle (most likely) from bad word of mouth due to a lack of graphic violence and the underutilization of some pretty damn good zombie makeup, The Supernaturals has slipped into … More The Merits of Sin: The Supernaturals (1986) (USA)

Schlock & Gore: Nightmare City (1980)

directed by Umberto Lenzi runtime: 92 mins Zombies? Vampires?? ZOMPIRES??? Oh my. Crazed, irradiated men that look like an army of burnt Toxic Avengers spill from an unauthorized aircraft onto the landing strip with axes and shit! They also mow down military fools with Uzis! Reporter Dean Miller (a baggy-eyed Hugo Stiglitz) looks on. It … More Schlock & Gore: Nightmare City (1980)