Let Me Watch that for You: Viral


Directed By: Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost
Written By: Barbara Marshall and Christopher B. Landon
Released: July 29, 2016
Runtime: 85 Min
Watch this on: Netflix

Viral is a 2016 invasion horror movie that takes us out to a quiet slice of suburban heaven. Everything isn’t all culs-de-sac and inground pools though, as a parasitic organism has begun to spread. Sisters Stacey and Emma fight to survive as their friends and neighbors all fall victim to the dreaded “worm flu”

This movie was a lot of fun; the two sisters were played excellently by Analeigh Tipton and Sofia Black D’elia and they are believable as our two snarky protagonists. Viral skirts the line of playful and fun while also staying tense and creepy. I will say though, the movie did rely a little too heavily on jump scares. I really enjoyed the way the invasion was set up through the beginning of the movie as you gain an idea of what is going on through brief glimpses of news programs and radio broadcasts in the background. The parasite itself is referred to as the “worm flu” and is spread when one of the infected hosts vomits blood on an uninfected. This obviously creates some pretty icky scenes but the movie never really throws itself into full on gross out territory.

I highly recommend this movie, go ahead and give it a watch if you want to catch a fun, smart and well done invasion flick, if you want to see a pretty realistic picture of how quick society can fall apart when faced with an epidemic, or if you are one of those people who loves those gross pimple popping/parasite extraction videos that are on YouTube.

Grade 8/10

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